It’s a Winter Jubilee!!!

Looking for something new to drink, but not sure where to turn? Head to Boston’s Park Plaza Castle next weekend (Jan. 20-21) for the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee (

The Beer Summit folks do an outstanding job of gathering all kinds of brewers — local, domestic, international — for their four annual brewfests, bringing in local favorites like Harpoon, Shipyard and Sam Adams as well as smaller native brews including one of my favorites, Gardner Ale House. Larger distributors like Guinness also show up and there are a handful of hard ciders on hand for a change of pace.

At around $40, the selection and limitless three ounce samples make for a pretty good deal. Unruly guests do get cut off and asked to leave Beer Summit events, so keep that in mind. Also, taking a look at the layout map on the Beer Summit Web site is a smart move, allowing those attending to set up a good plan of attack.

Be advised, though: if you’re not a fan of crowds, this event probably isn’t for you. The Park Plaza Castle tends to fill up and fill up quickly, leaving little personal space in a sea of humanity. This can make navigating tough and getting to the bathroom nearly impossible.

That said, the Beer Summit events are a solid investment for those looking to try something new without splurging on a six pack or taking your chances at a bar. Having been to a few of the events myself, I can say it’s a worthwhile experience as long as you go in with a good gameplan and a few good friends.

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