More Brown Than Black, but still an IPA

It pours out a dark brown with an ivory head, but make no mistake: the More Brown Than Black IPA is certainly an India Pale Ale.

More Black Than Brown IPA

More Black Than Brown IPA

The latest of the seemingly-endless Stone Brewing Co. collaborations — this time with the Alchemist and Ninkasi —is a dark IPA that comes out as advertised.

A dark brown brew with a toffee colored head, the More Brown — shortened for the sake of typing — is a smooth and drinkable IPA not being overloaded with intense hops. Sure, the piney notes are abundant and it boasts a strong citrus hop aroma, but it never feels like a Dogfish Head 120 Minute. If you’re a total hophead, I can’t see you hating this, but it’s not the Holy Grail.

There’s a bit of a malty finish that tries to balance the hops, but the taste is fleeting. Despite being a 7.4% brew, there’s not a trace of a harsh alcohol trace anywhere.

For more on this beer, head to the Stone Brewing Co.’s collaboration page here.

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