Happy Sol brings the sunshine

I can’t say that I regret drinking Slumbrew’s Happy Sol on a snowy January afternoon. I’ll just say it’s better suited for warmer times.

You see, the thing with Happy Sol is that it tastes like it belongs near a pool on a hot summer day.

A hazy, golden Hefeweizen with a foamy white head, this beer smells like a warm summer day: strong citrus notes from the blood oranges this brew is made with and enough of a wheat aroma to still smell refreshing.

Slumbrew's Happy Sol

The citrus is the star here in this light-to-low-medium bodied beer, tart and slightly bitter, but in no way does it taste like you’re downing a glass of orange juice. It remains as the lingering aftertaste, overwhelming any other notes from this lightly spice hef.

Very drinkable at 5.5%, this beer seems made for drinking during a lazy July afternoon. The mild carbonation and sweet citrus would make for a great poolside companion.

For more information on Happy Sol and the other beers offered by Somerville Brewing Company’s  Slumbrew, head over to the company’s Web site.

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1 Response to Happy Sol brings the sunshine

  1. Prior to reading your post about this fantastic concoction, I was definitely interested in picking up a bottle of the Happy Sol. After reading the review, I jumped at the first chance I got to procure a bottle of what sounded like the golden elixir of life…or at least a little taste of summer. I must say, your review did not over-hype this brew in the least. Everything about this beer screams summertime session. Like you said, the citrus is most definitely the star here, but it is not the least bit overpowering. Some individuals who sampled this with me who don’t particularly enjoy fruit-forward beers were very pleased by this one.

    When someone from our circle of friends hears there’s a new beer out brewed with some spices (typically coriander, sometimes grains of paradise) and some sort of citrus peel and/or flesh, the automatic thought for many is, “oh great, another blue moon or Sam Summer.” Definitely not the case with this beer. While there is most certainly enough wheat present on the palate to keep this refreshing, it does not go so far as to take on a bready, overly spiced flavor that you get from the prototypical citrus-wheat beer like Blue Moon.

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