Beer even makes bread better

Beer bread made with Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

I’ve made beer bread — quite literally, bread containing beer — many times throughout the past few years and without fail, every time someone is shocked that such a thing exists.

The questions are always the same. Is it hard to make? How did you come across this? And inevitably: Can this get me drunk?

The answers in short form are no, my wife brought me to this wonderful creation, and definitely not.

It’s becoming more and more common — especially around the holidays, I’ve noticed — to see beer bread making kits in stores. Usually, it’s a 22 oz. or so bottle filled with what looks like flour. These work well enough, but in my opinion, the best mix for this comes from Tastefully Simple and costs a bit more than others I’ve seen. Believe me, it’s worth the extra dollar or two.

While I’m sure there are recipes to make such things from scratch, I’m no baker and I enjoy the convenience of these mixes. Insanely simple stuff.

Making beer bread from a pre-packaged mix is simple.

Grease pan. Heat oven. Pour powdery mix into a large bowl. Mix with 12 ounces of beer (soda works as well). Empty bowl into pan. Cook for whatever amount of time stated on packaging (usually 40 minutes to an hour).

When the bread is finished cooking and allowed to cool, what comes out is a hearty bread with notes from whatever carbonated beverage you chose to use. It’s not overwhelming, but I’ve found beers like Wachusett Blueberry and just about any pumpkin beer add a nice twist to things. And nearly all the alcohol cooks out during the baking process, so yes, it’s safe for kids to consume as well.

Is this a waste of beer? I say no. In ancient times, beer was often considered liquid bread due to its yeast content and nutritional values. Plus, if you’re enjoying the end product, that’s all that matters.

Bon appetit.

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1 Response to Beer even makes bread better

  1. This post makes me smile. I loves me some good, well-made, beer bread.

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