When Worlds Collide

Ok, so the headline is a little overly dramatic for such a silly post, but I found it applicable nonetheless.

Last night, during some sporting event that I don’t think anyone really watched, NBC unveiled its new promotional ad for the show “The Voice.” Since I just so happened to have been drinking a Victory Golden Monkey, brewed by Victory Brewing Company, I noticed (along with many other craft beer drinkers as well) that the new logo for The Voice is strikingly similar to the logo that has been used by Victory since its inception in February 1996. The reason for the title of this post may now be coming into focus. I am obviously a craft beer enthusiast. What some people may not know is, I often take time out of my research of all things craft beer related to apply to my profession as an attorney. A quick glance at the link below to Victory’s Facebook page will instantly show that NBC has balatantly ripped off the logo from Victory Brewing Company. Victory undoubtedly has already contacted their attorneys to start the process of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Yes, I know the “V for Victory” symbol is nothing new or novel such that the use, in and of itself, should constitute a violation of VBC’s intellectual property rights. However, what should be sufficiently unique or novel to give rise to such a claim is the use of it in conjunction with holding an object in the hand whilst flashing the sign. In the case of VBC, naturally the hand is holding a beer bottle. For The Voice, the hand is of course holding a microphone.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. Check it out yourselves.

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