Brief notes from a beer party

Over the weekend, Mr. 3sheets2many had a gathering of friends and a sharing of microbrews at his place. While I don’t think anyone took detailed notes, several things stood out to me.

The first beer I tried could very well be my favorite from the session. Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro was an absolutely amazing beverage. A thick, creamy head gives way to a smooth and slightly sweet stout that I will certainly be revisiting.

For the second time, we popped a bottle of Extra Special Oak from Element Brewing Company. This time, the bottle was allowed to age — the guys from the brewery highly recommend this and I can see why. What was a tasty, malty beer grew incredibly more intense and bold with around a year of aging. Notes of oak and vanilla were delightful in this Western Mass. offering.

Lastly, 21st Amendment’s Hop Crisis could be my new favorite IPA. This Imperial IPA featured sweet, citrusy hops with plenty of grapefruit and slight peach tones. Although I’ll admit I’m not a huge hop head, this was tasty.

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