Review: Cambridge Brewing Co. Sgt. Pepper

A beer with peppercorns? Not unheard of. Cambridge Brewing’s Sgt. Pepper isn’t the first beer I’ve had that infused the brew with peppercorns, but it might just be the boldest of those that I’ve tried. It takes the beer + pepper formula to a completely different level.

A saison/farmhouse ale that weighs in at 6% alcohol, the Sgt. Pepper is aptly named, as the peppercorns are the stars of the show. 

Pouring a hazy orange, the Sgt. Pepper boasts a yeasty, Belgian-like aroma with the spice of the peppercorns very apparent in the nose.

Flavorwise, the immediate tastes are sweet, slightly citrusy and orange flavors in a fairly light bodied liquid. But at the end, there’s a rush of peppery spice that after a few sips can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a bit of a malt finish that follows, but the pepper stands out more than anything.

Sgt. Pepper is a very interesting beer, especially in terms of really pushing the peppercorns to the front of the flavor. But with the spice being a bit too much at at times, I’m not sure it’s a brew I’ll be visiting too often.

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