Review: Rogue Voodoo

Put the words “maple” and “bacon” together and you’re just about guaranteed to get a grin out of me. Find a way to get “doughnut” in there and we’re talking full-blown smile.

And if you’re like the people at Oregon’s Rogue Ales, you manage to get that trio of words together with “ale” and you’ve made my week.

Even a Pepto-Bismol pink bottle couldn’t bring down my excitement for Rogue’s Voodoo, billed as a liquid version of Portland, OR., Voodoo Donuts’ maple bacon donut. However great the idea was in theory, the finished product left me wishing the fine folks at Rogue had pushed the envelope just a bit more.

After popping open the 22 oz. bottle — which was a bit pricey at $13.99 — and pouring a glass, my expectations peaked. The smell of the copper colored brew was amazing. Everything that existed in the description of the beer was evident in the nose. Imagine warm pancakes with maple syrup and smokey bacon; the beer smelled like an amazing breakfast.

But upon tasting, I was sadly let down. Not that the Voodoo was vile; rather, it was just mildly watered down. There was a slight smokey flavor and a mapley sweetness, but it was fleeting, ending on a light note.

Even with all the strong flavor components, the Voodoo comes across the palate as relatively light and very smooth.

I think could easily drink more of it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to — especially given the price. Truly a beer that was much better in concept than finished product.


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