Review: Pretty Things Jack D’or

I’ve found myself on a bit of a saison kick lately. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been drinking more and more farmhouse ales over the last month or so.

Stumbling across the Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project’s Jack D’or might have ruined all other saisons for me. From start to finish, the Jack D’or exceeded my expectations and set the standard — in my mind, at least — for what can be done with this type of beer.

The 22 ounce bottle pours a beautiful hazy golden color, with a potent mix of yeasty goodness, saison spices and lemon evident in the nose.

The taste is yeasty, with a bit of cloves, barley and coriander, finishing with a hoppy bitterness and lemony citrus. Very rich and flavorful beer.

At around $8 per bottle, the Jack D’or is a brew that I’ll continue looking for, at least until I move on to my next stylistic obsession.

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