Review: Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

It’s with a heavy heart that I review the Porch Rocker by Samuel Adams.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no actual affiliation with Sam Adams. It’s just that the company’s offering’s were my first venture into microbrewed beer — actually, any beer.

So when I come across a brew from them that doesn’t quite work for me, it’s sad. Kind of like hearing a terrible song recorded by your favorite band.

From the moment I read the description of the Porch Rocker, I had trepidation. A mix of beer and lemonade — the increasingly popular shandy or radler — sounds simple enough, but is more simply a matter of taste. Too much lemonade will offend beer purists, while too much beer will leave the beverage tasting like a slightly citrusy summer brew.

In my opinion, the balance swung a bit too heavily to the lemonade side in the Porch Rocker. There’s only the slightest trace of a malt profile, leaving what tastes like carbonated lemonade. Not my cup of tea — or beer, as the case may be.

But isn’t that the beauty of beer? Not everyone is going to like everything, but someone’s going to like it. During my tasting, at least one person enjoyed the Porch Rocker, while fans of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy found it to be drinkable, but not as good as their favorite radler.

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