Review: Dogfish Head Positive Contact

With alcoholic ciders continuing to gain a larger share of the craft brewing world, it was only a matter of time before Dogfish Head tried its hand at integrating apples into one of its brews.

Positive Contact — a collaboration with Dan the Automator of hip hop supergroup Deltron 3030 — continues the company’s unique approach to brewing and delivers a witbier infused with apples and other ingredients for something unlike any other cider I’ve seen.The first thing I’ll say is that this is NOT a cider. It’s a beer. The infusion of fuji apples into the beverage is noticeable, but not over the top. Yes, there’s a tartness from it, but the rest of the ingredients do a fairly good job of balancing the tartness with the bready Belgian yeasts and other spices.

The sweet, yeasty flavor is followed by a quick kick of the cayenne added during the brewing of the beer, along with a slight hint of the cilantro advertised on the label.

At 9% ABV, this beer goes down easy on a hot day, but has the potential to sneak up on you. At $12 a bottle, it’s worth trying.

Of note, DFH has sent these out as four packs with a record of Deltron 3030 remixes and recipes for the brew from top-end chefs. I’ve seen the groupings broken up in a couple stores and have yet to see the full package.  For more on the story behind the beer, head here.

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