Beer review: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, from

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, from

The number of times of I can say my mind has been blown by a beer can be counted on one of my hands. My experience with the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace from the Brooklyn Brewery is the most recent of those to have qualified for that designation.

Where I thought the Sam Adams Infinium fell a bit short of combining a champagne and beer, the Sorachi Ace — whether intended or not — mixes the taste of a delicious farmhouse ale with the crisp, dry body of a champagne.

Made with the Japanese hop variant of the same name, which is known for its lemony flavor, the Sorachi Ace is a unique experience that couples well with a delightful flavor.The first thing I noticed after pouring the beverage from its 750 ml. bottle was the intense carbonation of the liquid. Bubbles shot upward, forming an intense and thick foamy head atop my glass despite a gentle pour. The aroma of the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace has a grassy saison front, followed with with strong citrus notes.

Before even touching upon the taste, I’d like to try to calm any fears of any overly carbonated beer. The bubbles fade nicely to a light, almost silky mouthfeel which finishes quite dry.

The beer boasts a strong lemongrass flavor, bringing a slight tartness which balances well with the Belgian yeast and hoppiness that comes through with it. The finish is back to the lemon, lingering with a bready quality to it.

Overall, the Sorachi Ace hops bring a nice twist of sweetness to the usual funk of a farmhouse ale. And it’s relatively inexpensive; a 750 ml bottle ran me around $10. The Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a delightful beverage I’ll surely be revisiting.

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