Back to business and a brown ale

I’m trying to reboot here. I want to get things going.

I really, really do. But a lack of available time to write, let alone consistently try new beers, has made that difficult.

So we’re going to give this a go again. We’ll see how it works out. Posts will probably be a bit sporadic and for that, I apologize.

Here it is. The return. And it’s a doozy.

Founders Brewing Sumatra Mountain Brown is the type of beer I both love and find extremely dangerous. It’s absolutely delicious, but its ABV is sneaky, checking in at 9 percent without that being apparent during consumption.unnamed

The Sumatra Mountain Brown is exactly what you’d hope for in something that calls itself an imperial brown ale. The flavors are bold and rich; caramel, chocolate and coffee are the stars here, with just enough bitterness to keep it from becoming cloyingly sweet.

It’s an absolute delight on a slightly chilly late-Spring or early-Summer night and would be right at home in the presence of a campfire. The only downside to this brew is that at 9 percent without any overwhelming alcohol taste, it could be easy to put down a few of these in a hurry and end up in trouble just as quickly.

If that’s your goal, then there are many far worse options for getting tipsy in a hurry.


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